Financial Support

Since Light and Life’s founding, SIL International was the school’s primary source of support until 2012. The school is blessed with a few generous continuing supporters, but needs to find new sources of financial aid to take the place of SIL’s support.

We ask you to consider supporting the school so that it may continue to shape the youth and community of Salquil Grande.

The impact of your donation

  • Sponsor a student: The cost per student is $35/month. Their parents, most of them subsistence farmers, pay $1.25/month. Student sponsors make it possible for students to attend Light and Life on a scholarship that covers the remaining amount.
  • Support the continuing education of our teachers: Several of our staff are pursuing degrees of higher education at seminary. Although they must sacrifice considerable amounts of time to travel to and from their institutions, these teachers are dedicated to giving the best possible education to their students through their own continued learning.
  • Contribute to special projects: We are continually working to improve our facilities and technology to provide our students with a creative, eco-friendly and community-aware learning environment. Please inquire about our current projects.

How to donate

H.O.P.E. Bible Mission directs the finances for Light and Life School. Donations may be sent to H.O.P.E. online through “Just Give” or “Paypal” and to our U.S.A. H.O.P.E. office by mail. Please add a note indicating “Light and Life School” on the donation form.

For more information visit H.O.P.E.’s website here.