Light and Life Staff

Light and Life’s dedicated group of certified instructors teach grades K-6 and foster respect for the Ixil clothing, weaving and local food to strengthen not only their students, but the community as a whole.

“Uma’t yolb’al uva’ la itx’ol ve’te’, as a’e’ la eq’on katikat kuxhtu’. U chusb’ale’ tu ka’va’l yolb’al a’ ni tokkat ile’ uva’ la itx’ol u talintxae’ iyolb’ale’, ti’ tab’ita’, itz’ib’ale’, as isik’lele’ ka’va’l unq’a yolb’ale’.”

“Learning one language is not sufficient. When the children learn to speak, understand, write, and read two languages, they’ll have many more opportunities in life. The methods and techniques I learned will work with the children, and I intend to use them. If we do apply these methods, we will see results in the children’s learning.”

– Director Carlos Reynaldo Pérez Raymundo (Te’k)

“Friends of Light and Life” Board

Board members commit to one year of attending meetings in person or via phone/skype, network with sponsors to develop support for one grade level at the school, and foster efficient communication between the school and its sponsors.

“Friends of Light and Life” Advisory Council

The governance of Light and Life School (LLF) takes place through a local school board which also includes one non-Ixil individual chosen from the General Assembly. The GA is a larger group of individuals and it is this entity which is the ultimate authority for LLF. The GA is made up of both Guatemalans and expats who either live in Guatemala or make regular trips to Guatemala.

We would like to develop an Advisory Council made up of individuals who agree with and commit to help achieve the vision/mission of Light and Life School. These individuals agree to receive school updates, will give advice (with the understanding that it may not always be implemented) and will give financially to the school or will look for potential donors to the school. Please contact Dr. Mike Soderling  if you are interested in serving LLF in this way.